More floor space for extended stock

More floor space for extended stock
By David Parker

Brexit may be bothering some businesses, but one local specialist retailer is doing so well, its display space and stock range has been expanded to cope with growing demand.

A mezzanine floor has been added to the existing upstairs area of Nadder Equine’s stunningly-attractive display showroom at The Barn, East Farm, Barford St Martin.

The new area will display a larger selection of rugs and other items among the increased stock lines.

“We had outgrown our rug room so we decided to make an extra investment in a custom-built steel-framed tailor-made balcony area,” said Sarah Hewlett, who runs the partnership business with her husband Mark, farrier at a local racing stables.

They have been developing Nadder Equine for three years in the traditional barn in a farmyard where there is plenty of parking for customers.

“We were getting a bit cramped with the stock which we were taking in. More floor space has given us more room for feeds and other products. Luckily, we have the space to grow, and the investment is paying off as the business has increased steadily,” Sarah said.

With customer numbers improving rapidly, she wanted to stock more of the products they needed. Alongside the equine tack and requisites for horses, ponies and riders, a range of animal feeds is also expanding to cover sheep, pigs, poultry, alpacas, and small pets.

The new open plan ‘showroom’ was due to open last month on completion of the final details.

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